Last year, in the spring, Tom Kelleher gave me a gift of a wood handle from one of the apple trees that was trimmed at Old Sturbridge Village to use for my bake oven door.  I couldn’t use it right away as it took a while to find the right wood for the door.  I was looking for something already old, and with a good color.  In the mean time Allan made me a temporary one that worked just fine, however did not have the look deserving of the old bricks used for the fireplace.

A few weeks ago Allan came across just the right wood and put together the new, old -looking door.  The apple wood handle needed to be peeled of its bark and made smooth; however, Allan was careful not to remove the soft nutty brown color underneath. I love the color of the wood he used as it matched the handle so well.  The handle itself is, well spectacular.  I love the way it twists and has a place for your thumb as you remove the door.  You can see by the pictures this is not an ordinary handle, this has character and movement.  I think it sings of happy baking days and the warmth and aroma of the bread sliding out on the peel.

1 copy

(Pictures from left and right to see the curve of the handle)

Thanks Tom for such a thoughtful gift.  I will think of you each time I use the bake oven door.  And Allan as always.


“If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.” – Robert Browning