To Boil a Cod’s Head

Court Cookery, Robert Smith, 1725

SET your Kettle on the Fire with Water Vinegar and Salt a Faggot of sweet Herbs and a large Onion; when the Liquor boils put in the Head on a Fish plate; in the Boiling put in cold Water and Vinegar; When it’s boiled drain it well ; And for the sauce take Gravy and Claret Boil d up with a Faggot of sweet Herbs and an onion two or three Anchovies drawn up with two Pound of Butter half a Pint of Shrimps and the Meat of a Lobster shred fine;

Then put the Head in a Dish pour the Sauce there on ; stick small Toasts on the Head and lay about it the Spawn Melt and Liver; garnish it with Parsley boil d Barberries and Lemon

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