A Lobster. Pie, Sweet

Charles Carter

Take your Lobfters, and break the Legs, and fplit the Tails, and take out the Meat as whole as you can, and cut it in Pieces as big as a large Walnut; tofs it together with the Yolks of three or four Eggs, and take Lumps of Marrow, to the Quantity of your Lobfters, and tofs it up with the Eggs together; feafon it with a little Pepper, Salt, fome Nutmeg, Ginger and Sugar j work it together ; lay it in a rais’d Coffin; which you will fee the Pattern of among the Patterns for Pies : Put over fome flie’d Citron, and fome Eringo-Roots, in Lengths of three Inches, and put in a few preferv’d Grapes; put Butter over it, and clofe it; put in a fweet Leer, as for other fweet Pies, only add a little Sack to this; then ferve it away hot.

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