Scotch Collops

Martha Washington Book of Cookery

“Take a legg of muton or veale or fresh beefe, cut them in thin slyces, & lay them on a table, beat them with ye back of your knife, yn steep ym in vinegar or verges, after, lay ym in a frying pan, put to ym a pint of strong broth, & halfe a pinte of faire water, & put into it a bunch of time, sweete marjerum, & winter savory, & an ounion, & let them boyle till yr meat be tender, then pour out yr liquor into a dish & put to it a little manchet cut like dice, anchovis, Capers or oysters, & leamon minced, & a piece of fresh butter, when they are boyld enough, take yr sops & fry ym in fresh butter till they are crisp. yn lay ym in yr dish & pour on yr sause. serve ym up wlh sippets, & garnish yr dish with leam[on]s & capers.”