Black Pudding

The Accomplished Housekeeper and UNIVERSAL COOK

By T. Williams 

To make Black Puddings Boil a peck of groats half an hour in water then drain them and put them into a clean tub or large pan Then kill your hog and save two quarts of the blood and keep stirring the blood till it is quite cold Then mix it with your groats and stir them well together Season with a large spoonful of salt a quarter of an ounce of cloves mace and nutmeg together an equal quantity of each. Dry them beat them well and mix all together Take a little winter savory sweet marjoram thyme and penny royal* stripped of the stalks and chopped very fine just enough to season them and give them a flavor but no more The next day take the leaf of the hog and cut it into dice wash the guts very clean then tie one end and begin to fill them Mix in the fat as you fill them and be sure to put in plenty of fat Fill the skins three parts full tie the other end and make your pudding what length you please Prick them with a pin and put them in a kettle of boiling water Boil them softly an hour and put them on clean straw to drain and dry.

 *Caution РPenny Royal is not recommended for human consumption


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