Elisabeth Raffald English HOUSE-KEEPER 

To drefs Macaroni -with Permafcnt Cheefe. 

Boil four Ounces of Macaroni ’till it be quite tender, and lay it on a Sieve to drain, then put it in a Tolling Pan, with about a Gill of good Cream, a Lump of Butter rolled in Flour, boil it five Minutes, pour it oh a Plate, lay all over it Permafent Cheefe toafted; fend it to the Table on a Water Plate, for it foon goes cold. 

Richard Briggs  The English Art of Cookery,  Dublin, 1798.


Take a quarter of a pound of small pipe macaroni, put it in two quarts of boiling-water, with a bit of butter, and boil it till it is tender; then strain it into a sieve and let it drain, grate half a pound of parmazan cheese, put the macaroni into a stew-pan, with a gill (4oz) of cream, two ounces of butter, a few bread crumbs, and half the cheese, stir it about till the cheese and butter are melted; then put the macaroni into a dish, sprinkle the rest of the cheese over it, and with a * salamander or hot iron make it of a fine brown, and send it to table as hot as possible.


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