Venison Pasty

Robert May The Accomplished Cook;  London, England, 1685, first published in 1660.

“Take the side of the deer, bone it and season it, then take out the back sinew and the skin, and lard the fillet or back with lard as big as your middle finger; being first seasoned with nutmeg and pepper; then take four ounces of pepper, four ounces of nutmeg, and six ounces of salt, mix well together, and season the side of the venison; being well slashed with a knife in the inside for to make the seasoning enter; being seasoned and a pie made according the forms, put some butter in the bottom of the pie, a quarter of an ounce of cloves and a bay leaf or two lay on the flesh, season it, and coat it deep, then put on a few cloves and the good store of butter, close it up and bake it the space of eight or nine hours, but first bathe the pie with six or seven eggs, beaten well together; being baked and cold fill it up with good sweet clarified butter.”