To Fricaffey Chicken By Robert Smith

Take three Chickens, about fix Months old, flea them, and cut them in pieces put them into your Stew-pan, with as much Gravy and Water, as juft to cover them; put in two Anchovies, well wafhed, fome whole

Pepper, Salt, aid a Blade of Mace, a fmall onioni, and a few Cloves; fet them to ftew overr a gentle clear Fire, and when they .are near enough, take them from the Liquor, and fry them -in Vinegar, but a very little; ftrain the Liquor and take as much of it as you shall want for? Sauce; put to it a little Parfly, Thyme and Sorrel boiled green, and Fhred fine; half a Pint of fweet Cream, two Yolks of Eggs well beaten, fome. grated Nut-meg*, fhake them all over the Fire, till ’tis thick; add to it half a Pound of Butter, and fhake it till it’s melted, and then ferve it up.

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