Sattoot of Turkeys, or Capons, or Pullets

The Complete Practical Cook, Charles Carter, 1730

Take your Fowls, draw them, and finge them; crack the Bones, and trufs them to boil; feafon and lard them with grofs Lard, and pafs them, or roaft them off brown at a quick Fire; then butter a Petit-pan that has a whole Bottom, and lay them in, and make a Border of Forc’d-meat all round clofe to them, and pretty thick : Cover your Fowl with fome Butter, and lay over a Piece of Veal Caul, or a Sheet of Bacon ; wafh over your Forc’d-meat with the Yolk of an Egg and thick Butter, and force your Fowls in the Bellies; bake k gently till enough; then difh it, and make a Ragouft of good Gravy, Sweet¬≠breads dic’d, fome Cocks-combs, fome Morelles and Trouffles> and Mufhrooms, and Artichoak-bottoms quarter’d; tofs it up thick, and put over it, and garnifh with fry’d Artichokes and fliced Lemon.