Bisquite du Roy

Robert May, The accomplish cook, 1685

Take to a pound of flour a pound of sugar, and twelve new laid eggs, beat them in a deep dish, then put to them two grains of musk dissolved,  rose-water, anniseed, and coriander-seed, beat them the space of an hour with a wooden spatter;  then the oven being ready, have white tin molds butter’d, and fill them with this Bisquite, strow double refined sugar in them, and bake them when they rise out of the moulds, draw them and put them on a great pasty-plate or pye-plate, and dry them in a stove,and put them in a square lattin box,and lay white papers betwixt every range or rank, have a padlock to it,a nd set it over a warm oven,so keep them ,and thus for any kind of bisket, mackeroons, marchpane, sugar plates, or pasties, set them in a temperate place where they may not give with every change of weather, and thus you may keep them very long.