A Nice Indian Pudding

The First American Cookbook -Amelia Simmons

No. 1. 3 pints fcalded milk, 7 fpoons fine Indian meal, ftir well together while hot, let ftand till cool­ed ; add 7 eggs, half pound raifins,.4 ounces butter, fpice and fugar, bake one and half hour.

No. 2. 3 pints fcalded milk to one pint meal fail­ed ; cool, add 2 eggs, 4 ounces butter, fugar or mo-laffes and fpice q. f. it will require two and half hours baking.

No. 3. Salt a pint meal, wet with one quart milk, fweeten and put into a ftrong cloth, brafs or bell metal veffel, ftone or earthern pot, fecure from wet and boiler hours.