Patrick Lamb Royal Cookery 1710

‘Take two French rolls or more according to the bigness of your dish, and cut them in thick slices, as thick as your finger, crumb and crust, lay them on a silver or brass dish, put to them a pint of cream, ½  pint of milk, strew over them beaten cinnamon and sugar, turn them frequently till they are tender soaked, so as you can turn them without breaking; so take them with a slice or skimmer for your cream; break 4 or 5 raw eggs, turn your slices of bread in the eggs and fry then in clarified butter; make them in frying; scrape a little sugar round them, have a care you make the not too sweet. You may well serve them hot for a 2nd course, being well drained from your butter in which you fryed them; but they are most proper for a plate of a little dish for supper.’