Apple Fritters

Fritters   The Receipt Book of Mrs. Ann Blencowe 1694

Take 11 eggs and 9 of ye yolks, beat them well and putt to them a pint of Cream. Mix it with ye finest flower about ye thickness of a pudding and put to it salt, Nutmeg, Mace and Cinnamond a pretty deal and beat it well together and let it stand 3 or 4 hours before you fry them, cover’d up before the fire. Then pare 18 small pipins and slice them as thin as a Wafer. When you are ready to fry them add to your butter, sack brandy, strong Ale or beer, not bitter, of each 5 spoonfulls mixt together and made scalding hot. Then put it into ye stif bater and beat it well together. Let there be in ye stew pan 2 pound of beef dripping and 2 pound of hogs Lard. When it boyles well up dip your slices into ye batter and put them quick into ye fat and another must stand to turn and take them out, laying them on a hot coarse Cloth before ye fire till you have nough to send up. You will scarse complain of this quantity being too small, but ’tis just as it was given me. . .’