Pottage of Pease, with Flesh

Pottage of Pease, with Flesh.

The Complete Practical cook. Charles Carter, 1730

TAKE either old Peafe or young, and boil them well down, then ftrain them out and pulp the Peafe; then take Sellery, Endive, Spinach, Sorrel, Parfly, Mint and Charvel, fome Blades of Leeks and Onions; cut thefe, but not too fmall, pafs them in brown Butter thicken’d, till tender; put to them good ftrong Broth, and pulp off your Peafe, a few Pallats flic’d, a Sweetbread or two dic’d, fome Forc’d-meat Balls; put in a Piece of Bacon ftuck with Cloves, a Blade of Mace, ftove it well; put in fomc fry’d French Bread; put a Pullet or Veal in the Middle: Garnifh with fcalded Leeks and Lemon flic’d, and ferye it hot.