Resources and Cookbooks

Many of these books can be found on line at Google E books on line


The English Hus-wife, Gervase Markham London, England, 1615.

The Accomplisht Cook, Robert May London, England, 1685 first published in 1660

The English House-Wife, 1683 Gervase Markham

Eward Kidder’s Receipts of Pastry and Cooking for the Use of His Scholars: London: ca.1720  by Ashmolean Museum.

Court Cookery or the Complete English Cook by Robert Smith 1725

The Complete Practical Cook: or, a new system of Cookery-By Charles Carter- 1730

The Experienced English House-keeper –   By   Lady Elizabeth Raffald -1769

Art of Cookery mad plain and Easy – By Hanna Glasse -1776

American Cookery – By Amelia Simmons -1796

Nelly Custis Lewiss – Housekeeping book 1779-1852  by Patricia Brady Schmit 1982

PEPYS AT THE TABLE Seventeenth century recipes for the modern cook

By  Christopher Driver and Michelle Berriedale-Johnson -1984

On the Score of Hospitality – Van Rensselaer Family 1785-1835

by Historic Cherry Hill Albany, NY, 1976

English Breads and Yeast Cookery by Elizabeth David -1977

Martha Washington’s Booke of cookery 1749-1799 transcribed by Karen Hess 1995

SO SERVE IT UP – Eighteenth-Century Engilish foodwasy in Eastern Pennsylania

The Pennsylvania housewife English Household Receipts in the Middle colonies by Past Masters in Early American Domestic Arts-2003

Cooking in Europe 1650-185 – By Ivan Day -2009