Lumber Pie


3 Eggs                    Figs                Cooked marrow Bones

¾ lb of meat chopped and made into meat loaf

Beef suet      Parsley, thyme,    ginger, nutmeg, powdered cloves    

Salt and pepper      Shallots,     garlic,   Flour

Cream, butter, cider vinegar      

¼ Bread Crumbs     Butter  Caul, Pre made Coffin

Bring to a boil three eggs take off the heat and let sit for 7 minutes then put in cold ice water. Set aside for a bit then peel and cut in half.     Warm up the marrow bones in a pan and scoop out .

Chop beef suet and put in a bowl add the mixed meat, chopped parsley, thyme, ginger, grated nutmeg, powdered cloves, salt and pepper and ¼ cup bread crumbs.  Mix this and add a little water if needed to wrap the meat around a piece of marrow making small balls. Cut the caul in squares and roll the meat in them to make little round sausages

Fry the sausages half way through on all sides. Take them out and put in a bowl. In the same pan fry the, shallots and garlic lightly in the same pan. Remove to a bowl

Put flour and some butter in the frying pan to make a roux and add a little cream to make the thick gravy.

Have your coffin and decorations ready

Put some grapes on the bottom of the coffin, add ½ the balls, and eggs, figs, put in the mushroom mixture and then the rest of the grapes, eggs and balls until it is full.  Plot ½ the gravy on top here and there. Place a decorated top with a hole in the middle on the coffin. Crimp the edges. Wash the dough over with the egg mixture. Bake for 1 hour or until the pie is golden brown

Add verjuice to the remaining gravy and pour into the hole on the top of the cooked coffin.

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