ALHFAM             The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

Amlet                  The use of beaten eggs; fried

Anchovies           A small fish in brine to flavor dishes

Bake Kettle          Round, cast iron oven with lid to bake one item on the hearth with coals on top and under

Barm                  The yeast produced in the process of beer-making

Broch                 From the French word broche – another name for a spit

Broth                  A liquid made from the bones of animals boiled to extract their flavor

Capers               Capparis spinosa berries that have been pickled

Carbonado        Is a purely English term, used to mean a piece of meat or fish whichhad been grilled (broiled).

Chibol               A species of Allium , known also as Stone Leek, Rock Onion, and

Welsh Onion     In appearance intermediate between the onion and the leek.

Coffins                 A standing pie crust to hold filling

Collar                   Meat or fish cooked in a roll of cloth and pressed, eaten cold

Collop                  A thin piece of boneless meat

Drivers               Various

Larding pin          A long metal tool used to place lard into a cut of meat

Leer                    A gravy or sauce

Manchet              A small roll of white bread

Pasty                   A folded pastry case filled with seasoned meat and vegetables

Receipt                Early name for a recipe

Scotched            To hack meat with the back of a knife to tenderize it

Sippets              Toasted bread that is cut in a triangular shape and often

                           used on the side of a plate

Samphire           An old world seashore plant of the umble family with cut leaves

                          and small clusters of yellow flowers

Sattoots              Fowl, veal, other meats forced in paste

Skirret                Is a cousin to carrots, parsnips, salsify and parsley.

Verges or Verjuice     A fermented juice of unripe grapes or crabapples

Walm                    A bubble in boiling; a boiling-up