Wyman Tavern Lecture

KEEN, NH; Sandra Tarbox presents:

The Evolution of Food Ingredients and Cooking Ware

Thursday, October 23, 2014, at 7pm at the Wyman Tavern,   Ever wonder what our colonial ancestors used to make their jellies before the advent of gelatin?  How did they make the bread rise before Fleischmann’s yeast?   What did they use for a casserole dish?   This entertaining program of food history focuses on the evolution of cooking ingredients and cookware in the colonial kitchen and their progression into the 19th and 20th century.  Sandra Tarbox, Historic Foodways Culinarian and hearth cooking expert, will bring her unique insight and practical experience on the technology of the Colonial kitchen in this Power Point presentation. Sandra has been researching Historical Foodways for 25 years and has cooked on many a museum hearth.   

Space is limited for the Wyman Tavern lecture.

Please call or email to reserve a space: 603-352-1895 or hscc@nullhsccnh.org.

The Wyman Tavern Museum

339 Main Street, Keene, New Hampshire


Col. Ruben Colburn House

Just a few pictures from the weekend.

A few of the Participants in the Two Day, Old Fort Western, Hearth Cooking Workshop.
2Linda Novak, Director/Curator at Old Fort Western peeling cocks combs.

4Dinner on the second day. It was so nice out of doors we wanted to enjoy the warm autumn weather.
3A real Blog to follow soon.


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